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Introducing Qaze, the intuitive desktop GUI designed to manage NATS clusters. It's like having a user-friendly database interface specifically built for NATS.

Qaze Features
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Managing and viewing NATS-powered streams has never been easier. Qaze gives you a clear overview of all your streams and their state.

Realtime Message Exploration

Stream data exploration gets really easy with Qaze. See the realtime message traffic of your streams with our realtime mode. You can also open specific messages by their sequence number.

Stream Management

Managing streams is really easy with Qaze. You can do common operations like purging, deleting and sealing streams.

Configuration & State

All configuration values of your streams are quickly accessible with Qaze. A clear overview of the current state of your streams is also available.


See all your consumers and their state in a clear view. You can also delete consumers.

NATS Cluster Status

When you provide NATS system account credentials to Qaze, you can see every detail of your NATS cluster at a glance.

Server List

All your NATS servers are listed in a clear view. It lets you quickly discover problems in your cluster.

Cluster Graph

See a visual overview of your cluster. It shows you how your clusters/servers are connected together.

Leaf Nodes

See which Leaf Nodes are connected to your cluster. It shows you valuable insides about the leaf connections.

Inbound/Outbound Gateways

If you are operating a NATS cluster with multiple servers, you can see the all the inbound and outbound gateways of a server.

Key Value Stores

Jetstream powered KV stores are a great way to store and retrieve data in a durable way. Qaze makes it easy to manage KV stores.

Key Explorer

All keys of a bucket are listed inside Qaze. You can also search for keys.

Revision Support

Coming soon: See all the revisions of a key, so you can easily see the full value history.

Bucket & Key Management

Create, update and delete keys in a bucket. You can also create and delete buckets.

NATS Microservices

NATS powered microservices are a powerful pattern for building scalable and reliable applications. Qaze makes it easy to view your NATS microservices.

Microservice Instances

All instances of a microservices are visible in a clear view. The data gets refreshed automatically.


See quickly how your microservices are performing. Qaze shows you the avarage response time, requests with an error response and the number of requests.


All registered handlers of a microservice are visible in a detail view. There you can several stats about the handlers.

Fast Desktop Client

Qaze is a desktop application built with Rust, Tauri, Go and React. It uses the same NATS client library as the official NATS CLI, which gives you reliable communction with the cluster.

Reliable Communication

Qaze uses the official NATS Go client library, which gives you reliable communication with the cluster.

NATS CLI Context Support

If you are using the official NATS CLI, you can reuse these contexts in Qaze, so you you don't have to maintain your configuration in two places.

Low Memory Footprint

Unlike other desktop clients that use Electron, Qaze has a low memory footprint because it's built with Tauri, Rust and Go.

Designed with Privacy in Mind

As Qaze is a desktop client, we don't have access to your NATS clusters and their data. All your data is stored locally on your machine.

Our Pricing - Simple & Transparent

Qaze Desktop - Monthly

Single User License
$14 .99 / monthly
  • Single User License for the Qaze Desktop Version
  • Use it on two machines
  • No cluster limit - use it with as many NATS clusters as you want
  • Updates included
  • E-Mail support

Qaze Desktop - Yearly

Single User License
Save 20 %
$11 .99 / month
paid yearly
  • Single User License for the Qaze Desktop Version
  • Use it on two machines.
  • No cluster limit - use it with as many NATS clusters as you want
  • Updates included
  • E-Mail support

Prices in USD. Taxes may apply.

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