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Qaze Version 1.2

Qaze Version 1.2

I’m delighted to present Qaze 1.2, now available for download! This latest iteration brings a host of new features, significant improvements, and essential bug fixes. In this post, I’ll spotlight the most noteworthy changes. For those interested in a complete rundown of updates, I encourage you to check the detailed changelog, which will be available tomorrow.

Object Store Support

You can now manage your Object Store Buckets with Qaze! Download/update/browse your objects just like file browser on your desktop. You can even drag files from your desktop into the bucket.

The activity panel shows running downloads/uploads. So you can leave the bucket view and continue working even when a download or uplaod is currently running.

Working with multiple Windows/Connections

Qaze now comes with multi window support. This allows you to work with multiple windows/connections at once. So you can manage multiple NATS Clusters at the same time.

By default Qaze asks every time you switch the connection if you want to use the current window or a new window. You can configure your personal preference in the application settings.

Streams: View Multiple Messages

You can now view multiple messages in a stream at once. Simply seperate two or more message sequence numbers with a space. You can view up to 5 messages at once.

Streams: View Messages for WorkQueue Streams

This is a long requested feature: you can now open messages by sequence for streams that have a WorkQueue retention policy. Simply press o to open the well known message panel.

JetStream RAFT Status

This release adds a new tab named JetStream RAFT Status in the servers section, which provides basic statistics about the general Jetstream RAFT Status of the cluster.

Wrap Up

I hope you like the new features and improvements of Qaze. I plan to release more often for the upcoming months. So you can benefit from new features sooner. So make sure you stay tuned and follow Qaze on X to get the latest news and updates.

If you haven’t tried Qaze yet, you can try it now free for 14 days by singning up.