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Supported Operating Systems and NATS Versions

Supported Operating Systems

Qaze Desktop is built on top of Tauri. Tauri is a software framework for building OS agnostic desktop applications.

Because we’re using Tauri, we support the operating systems that Tauri currently supports, which are:

  • Windows 10/11: Latest version, 64 Bit systems
  • MacOS: The latest two versions (currently: Ventura & Sonoma), 64 Bit Intel/ARM based machines
  • Linux: The latest Ubuntu LTS release (currently: 22.04), 64 Bit systems - other Linux distributions may work but are not officially supported.

We reserve the right to change the supported operating systems with future releases.

System Prerequisites

Internet connection

To be able to use Qaze Desktop, the applcation needs constant internet access for license validation purposes. The license gets validated every 30 minutes via an online verification. If the application can’t contact the Qaze license validation servers for 24 hours or more, the application will stop working until it can validate the license via internet again.

Running Non-signed Applications

Qaze Desktop is currently not a code-signed application. On some systems, that can be a problem as they don’t allow running non-signed applications. Please make sure to test Qaze Desktop on your system with a free trial license before buying a subscription-based license.

Supported NATS Versions

Qaze tries to support a wide range of NATS Server versions to make to sure you can work seamlessly with all your NATS clusters. Although we try our best to support a wide range of version, we cannot actually guarantee a compability with all versions. Our support focus is on the last two minor versions of NATS server.

If you’re a using an old version of NATS Server, please make sure to test Qaze Desktop with a free trial license on your system before buying a subscription-based license. You can get a free trial license by creating an account in the Qaze Console.

Supported NATS CLI Versions

Qaze Desktop has integrated supported for NATS CLI powered contexts. The integration makes it possible to reuse configured NATS CLI contexts inside Qaze, so you don’t have to configure your credentials or other connection details in two applications.

We try to support at least the last two released versions of the NATS CLI. Although we’re not guaranteeing that all NATS CLI Context versions are working with Qaze Desktop.